Situational Awareness Solutions


Brighthouse developed SmartBox concept that is easily customisable to support different type of sensors like camera, LiDAR, weather and VOC.

The SmartBox is using Edge computing to run needed algorithms and analytics to simplify and minimize data transfer to cloud. Users can easily access the cloud based User interface to see the analysed results, e.g. for car traffic and pedestrian density.

Product highlights

  • An intelligent situational awareness SmartBox and service concept
  • Edge computing using artificial intelligence and machine learning to run analytics
  • Customisable solution to suit customer needs
  • Cyber secure system
  • Remote device management and monitoring
  • Traffic calculation and object detection/tracking
  • Monitoring buildings by combined data of air quality (temp, pressure, CO2, VOC), energy consumption, weather data and number of people
  • Parking status for different vehicles like cars, trucks, bicycles, etc.