Situational Awareness Solution


Intelligent and cyber-secure situational awareness system customizable for several purposes


  • Remotely monitor / manage / control devices and systems
  • Create intelligent connectivity networks​
    • reliable multi-network connections​
    • data load sharing / limiting​
    • backup connections for critical functions​
  • Create remote situational awareness​
    • various sensors​
    • machine interfaces​
    • edge-computing​
  • Send and record multiple live video streams​
  • Create cyber-secure system​

See SmartBox use cases below or contact timo.toivoniemi(at) for more information

Data Analysis and Monitoring

Use case 1

Remote Control / Management​

Use case 2

Video Service

Use case 3

Vessel Data

Use case 4

Wireless Network

Use case 5

Intelligent Data Connection​

Use case 6

Room Condition Measurement​

Use case 7