Intelligent Situational Awareness Solution


SmartBox offers an intelligent situational awareness system with fast and reliable multi network connectivity solution


SmartBox – Indoor

Promotes the ecological energy use of buildings and improves people’s work conditions. It monitors space utilisation and air quality in real time and predicts changes using dynamic models. This intelligent, cyber-safe system optimizes conditions and saves energy costs.

SmartBox – Outdoor

Improves the flow of traffic and promote carbon-neutral urban logistics. SmartBox Outdoor monitors the movement of people and vehicles in real time, as well as the utilization rate of parking spaces and loading docks. This intelligent, cyber-safe snapshot system uses dynamic models to predict changes in conditions and, for example, the release of loading docks.

SmartBox – Offshore

Improves maritime safety by creating a real-time situational awareness and promoting smoother, more carbon-neutral movement. SmartBox Offshore monitors vessel movements and fairway conditions in real time. This intelligent, cyber-safe system uses dynamic models to optimize the flow of maritime traffic and anticipate, for example, the vacancy of ports.



  • Intelligent connection unit

Building blocks

  • Interfaces
  • Sensors
  • Power options
  • Edge computing algorithms
  • Cloud service
  • Data analytics
  • UI solution

Easily customisable to support different type of sensors like camera, lidar, weather and air quality.
Using edge computing to run needed algorithms and analytics to simplify and minimize data transfer to cloud.
Easy access the cloud based user interface to see the analysed results, e.g. for car traffic and pedestrian density.