Remote Pilotage Technology Development Project

Case Sea for Value Intelligent Fairway

Remote Pilotage Center

Intelligent Fairway Monitoring System

Realtime Vessel Data Gathering and Transmitting System

Use cases

  • Remote Pilotage Technology, trials ongoing in Spring 2022
  • Remotely monitor and plan fleet operations
  • Remotely monitor vessel information like conning display, radar and ECDIS
  • View weather information provided by local weather stations in fairway and harbour areas
  • View camera feeds coming from high performance day/night cameras installed along the fairway

Product features

  • Fully customisable user interface
  • High definition video wall and support monitors upto 8 displays
  • Instrument and information overlays on any visual view
  • Supports multiple video streaming and data protocols to control equipment
  • Possibility to integrate custom data sources using open data like the Inter VTS Exchange Format (IVEF)