Fish farming automation, feeding and monitoring

Case Raisioaqua

Brighthouse developed the SmartBox Feeding System as a second generation solution of the fish farming equipment together with Raisioaqua. Improved solution offers fish farmers feeding automation as well as offshore monitoring. Complete solution is called Growth Sonar, owned and sold by Finnish Raisioaqua ltd.


Tens of SmartBox Feeding Systems are already controlling and monitoring fish farms around the Finnish Archipelago, using feeding information from Raisioaqua Growth Sonar solution. On top of feeding, cameras of the system provide continuous feedback of the fish farm state and multiple sensors, like temperature and oxygen, offer valuable information about under water conditions.

Product highlights

  • The core of the system is using our SmartBox concept
  • Edge computing enabling standalone operation of the fish farm
  • Customisable solution to suit customer needs
  • Cyber secure system
  • Remote device management and monitoring
  • Monitoring environment with camera and sensors like battery level, temperature, O2, food level of the container, etc.

More details about the complete solution is available at Rasioaqua web pages for Growth Sonar.