We are the next generation team of Marine electronics and automation

Our Offering

These are the areas we are working on today.

Project Management

Brighthouse Management Team has led multiple R&D projects successfully. With our help and competencies, Your projects will succeed too.


Any wired or wireless connectivity challenge, we will find solution for your needs.

SW and Security Solutions

We offer complete, scalable SW and security solutions for your needs. We have strong knowledge on designing software architecture, implementing cryptographic algorithms and verifying the quality of new solutions.

Systems Engineering

We can define the full end-to-end system architecture. Make the needed system design for the actual product development.


This is where we have our core expertise!
Proven track record on various technology areas

The whole Brighthouse Intelligence team has been established from experts who have been developing high end electronics solutions for mobile phones since the 90's.
Wireless connectivity is basically our core DNA, so we have deep understanding in cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless and wired connectivity solutions used in mobile phones.
Our cyber security experts have deep understanding of security tools and backend servers supporting overall key management, SW signing, certificate creation and enabling device specific security features as well as device authentication and security data handling.
We'll be developing SW also in the future, but now targeted towards Marine industry.

Management Team

We are the founders of Brighthouse Intelligence Ltd.

Markku Sahlström

Managing Director
Tel. +358 40 745 6599
Recognized manager with long experience of leading both product development programs and solid line organizations in challenging global business environment, always with “we can do” attitude.

Timo Toivoniemi

Head of Connectivity
Tel. +358 40 545 6813
Committed and passionate manager with long experience of leading people and working with Antenna & RF related technical solutions of smart devices.

Meri Löfman

Head of SW and Security
Tel. +358 50 339 7788
Encouraging technology-oriented manager with strong knowledge of information security. Long experience on SW development in challenging multi-organizational environments.

Mika Tolvanen

Head of Systems Engineering
Tel. +358 50 556 8310
Inspiring leader, creating harmony and supportive environment for the team. Wide understanding in user experience, architecture and end-to-end systems design.

Our Great Experts

These are the people that make our company successful!